Route Manager Frequently Asked Questions

How many locations can the location plugin store

Like the Route Manager, the Location plugin does not have a limit to the number of locations it can store. You can add as many locations as you desire. Each location creates a custom post type which includes the location information and you can view all the locations from the admin dashboard as you do ...

What is the difference between the Route Manager and the Location plugins

The Route Manager plugin supports the creation of routes using a Google Map, while the Location plugin supports the listing of specific locations or points of interest using Google Map. You can combine them together to create a joint view which shows both routes and locations on the same map Using the Route Manager plugin, ...

Can I use the WordPress search to locate routes and locations

Since WordPress default search does not support custom post types, you will need to install a plugin that does. There are several plugins supporting custom posts types in which you can define a  custom post type to include in the search results. If you use Relevanssi for example, you can define in the plugin settings to ...

What is the difference between the free and pro version of the location plugin

Here is a table comparing the free and the pro version of the location plugin