Best WordPress Route Planner Plugin

Allow your WordPress users to draw routes and generate a catalog of map routes and trails with points of interest

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Track your Activity

Record your activity with any mobile app or navigation device as a KML file, import to Route Manager and include description and images

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Great for Travelers

Know where you’re going, see where you’ve been. Keep a record of your travels to share in your blog and let other people follow your journey, whether it’s across the world or across the city.

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Share with Friends

Share your routes with friend and let them enjoy your routes knowledge
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Map Multiple Locations

Add multiple route locations and detailed information about points of interest located on your route or nearby

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Show Routes on an Interactive Map

Draw a route on a Google map using locations and waypoints. The route can also be transfered from a navigation device and can be as accurate as needed.

KML/GPX Import and Export

Using a navigation device or mobile phone, you can import a KML file with a detailed trail description and build your route based on it. You can also export a route to a KML file to use while navigating on ground.

Related Routes

Display all related routes based on category and tags. Each route can have its own color, making it easy to distinguish routes by difficulty or type.

Routes Index Map

Show all routes in one map. It is also possible to show maps of routes by category. Clicking on the route will take users to the detailed route description.

Useful Shortcodes

Supports shortcodes showing a single route map, a snippet of a route inside a blog post, or a map with all routes for a certain category.

Detailed Route Description

Each route can include detailed information such as a description, images, elevation graph, weather information, address, and more.

Examples Using the Route Manager

Mountain Route

Draw a route in the wilderness using waypoints

City Walks

Show a city walk going through specific points of interest

Bike Trail

Build a trail for a bike ride

Driving Directions

Include detailed driving directions

Collection of Trails

Show a collection of trails in a certain area

Blog Post

Use a shortcode to include route information in your post

Store Locator

Use the location plugin to can show the location of a store. Together with the route plugin, show points of interest and routes around your store.

Location Detailed Description

Each location can have its own detailed information including address, telephone, images, etc.

Routes and Locations

Show points of interest and routes on the same map

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